Thermal Underwear

17 March 2015

The new brand of thermal underwear “Urban 5000 Miles” combines modern technology tailoring using traditional material – merino wool, so that you get the full functionality and unmatched set of the thermal underwear. Merino wool is characterized by high heat accumulation, not electrified, well brings out moisture from the skin to the outside and most importantly – saves natural smell even after long-term use in the “сombat ” conditions. Convenient cut creates an athletic fit and provides full freedom of movement.
The first urban thermal underwear in Ukraine
100% merino wool;
Athletic cut;
Moisture control;
Increased accumulation of heat;
Do not absorb bad smells;
Thickness – 18.5 microns.

You ride 10 days per year and buy thermal underwear exclusively for this event? Our purpose is to be comfortable underwear used in the ordinary city. So we found the best material, invited technologists who developed a special cut, and together with a specialized factory that manufactures products for international brands, we are the first in Ukraine sewed urban thermal underwear, which is convenient to ride, run, walk the dog and go to the office. It – pleasant to touch, and perfectly fits a body.

Also to each set of thermal underwear you get baff 5000 Miles as a gift. Equip right!